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Blue Nile prides itself in being the largest distributor and supplier of the best in industry woven & non-woven PP bags. We pride ourselves as pioneers of branding & printing Fashionable, Timeless, Long-lasting and customizable range of ultrasonic and stitched reusable woven & non-woven bags.


Why Blue Nile Bags?

Because we can do the standard, the classy, or even convert the standard into extra-ordinary. Our bags are different! Our modern designing and customization capabilities is what sets us apart from the rest! Bags don’t have to be boring - we help businesses build strong branding with our designer options. We can make the boring fun and interesting.


Our products are woven and non-woven polypropylene bags ranging from 40 GSM to 160 GSM. We can customize on shape, size, color, prints, handle, and fabric thickness.

Our product lines include PP Spunbond Non Woven Ultrasonic Sealing Bags, Stitched Bags (woven & non woven), Metallic Laminated Bags.

Bag Types:

  • W Cut (T-shirt bags)

  • Box Bags

  • Side/ Bottom Gusset

  • Stitched Bags

  • Sealed Bags

  • Drawstring Bags

  • Backpacks


  • Grocery bag

  • Wine bag

  • Shoes bag

  • Clothing bag

  • Laundry bag

  • Tote bag

  • Beach bags

  • Sports/Gym Bags

  • Corporate bags

Features - Consumer-friendly features of the bags are:

  • Lightweight

  • Reusable

  • Water-Resistant

  • Fashion-forward

  • Eco-friendly


Promotional applications for the bags can be:

  • Shopping bag

  • Brand awareness tool

  • Retention tool during events


Our products are fit for usage in finished goods and merchandise in diverse sectors including

medicine, garment, packaging, agricultural and construction industry. We also make custom-made products, amplifying the product range offered.



We provide all customization in the fabric material used. Thickness can range from 40 GSM to 160 GSM. A wide range of prints types such as Flexoprint, Offset Print, Rotographic Print and Screen Print are available. Color choices can be customized to your requirements. Handle choices range from W cut, D cut, Loop (customized length) and Drawstring. Pick any design of your choice or ask our experts to design for you. Customize the bag style, the handle, the print, and the colors to your liking. The possibilities are unlimited.


Our products go through different levels of quality checks by our manufacturing partners before we actually deliver the final product. Our products have been widely regarded as best in quality by all our customers.

t-shirt bag

T Shirt Bags

GSM: 40 to 80

reusable grocery bag

Tote Bags

GSM: 90 to 150


Drawstring Bags

GSM: 70 to 120

WhatsApp Image 2023-06-24 at 3.56.16 PM (4).jpeg

Garment Bags

GSM: 90 to 150

Wine 2 Bottle_edited.jpg

Wine Bags

GSM: 100 to 130

2023-02-26 19-49-48 - KG4A2221.JPG

Clothing Bags

GSM: 50 to 120

D Cut Bags non-woven

Standard Die Cut

GSM: 40 to 120

tote bag

Laminated Bag

GSM: 90 to 150

2023-02-26 19-38-36 - KG4A2198.JPG

Non Woven Backpacks

GSM: 80 to 120


Gift Bags

GSM: 80 to 120

WhatsApp Image 2023-06-24 at 3.56.16 PM (5).jpeg

Grocery Bags

GSM: 90 to 150

2022-02-27 10-54-47 - E18A5609.JPG

Promotional Bags

GSM: 80 to 120

Stitched Bags

Stitched Bag

GSM: 90 to 150

designer tote bag

Metallic BOPP Laminated Bags

GSM: 90 to 160

WhatsApp Image 2023-06-24 at 3.56.16 PM (6).jpeg

Laundry Bags

GSM: 60 to 120


Insulated Bags

GSM: 80 to 160


Shoes Bags

GSM: 80 to 120


Ultrasonic Bags

GSM: 80 to 120

The bags pictured above are manufactured by our partners and are used as samples to demonstrate  design capabilities

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